The vast majority of the data we produce today is unstructured, and artificial intelligence pipelines demand unique resource management strategies. How are you preparing to manage and provision resources for your AI capabilities?

What We Do

Lay the groundwork for the architecture artificial intelligence needs. Peachtree AI helps you to make confident technology decisions that ensure your IT organization is lean, effective, and prepared to provision the resources AI pipelines require. Our group is supported by a skilled and experienced team, who apply best practices to ensure you gain lasting performance from your technology.

With Peachtree AI, you can build an IT organization that is prepared to hit the ground running with artificial intelligence, while everyone else is catching up:

  • Achieve revolutionary levels of performance by modernizing your capabilities and optimizing your cost structure. Take advantage of scalable cloud technologies that complement existing resource provisioning pipelines, data ETLs, and developer workflows.
  • Prepare for coming privacy regulations by implementing best practices and leveraging a powerful stack of GDPR-compliant technologies.
  • Build unstructured data pipelines to manage the peculiar nature of unstructured big data, with an eye towards the ultimate business purpose of the functionality.
  • Serve business objectives by focusing on investments that prioritize direct support of core purpose, and work comfortably knowing your organization is prepared to deliver on company initiatives.

Our Approach

Artificial intelligence isn't a just a toy feature. It is a strategic business opportunity that requires technical know-how and organizational coordination. Companies making the transition to AI must build data and analytics into their core functions, an enterprise that requires careful change management and cross-cutting transparency.

Companies exploring big data and AI technologies often seek to use preexisting architectures, outside datasets, and off-the-shelf libraries. While these assets can be useful for purposes of exposition, rarely are they tailored to the specific challenges the business faces and the quality the business demands. Moreover, companies usually overlook the incredible store of untapped proprietary information they already possess:

  • We first scope the strategic objectives a company wishes to serve with artificial intelligence.
  • Next, we identify processes that present opportunities of the greatest value.
  • After communicating the strategy, we provide the analytical and engineering rigor necessary implement them.

Our skilled team is prepared to support initiatives involving any number of issues, including migration to the cloud, development operations automation, big-data architectures, and mapped transformations for unstructured data. Our development team is fluent in a multitude of industrial front-end and back-end languages, making integration and continued support seamless.

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