Achieve better, faster, and more efficient operations with artificial intelligence.

What We Do

Build a powerful competitive advantage by integrating artificial intelligence into your operations. Peachtree AI helps you to transform your operations from the perspective of organizational change, identifying high-value opportunities for automation and greatly enhancing real-time prediction. Our group is supported by a skilled and experienced team, who will ensure you gain compelling insights and lasting performance from your augmented operational infrastructure. With Peachtree AI, you can expect to:

  • Generate substantially faster growth by remedying bottlenecks in process and distribution before they crop up.
  • Strengthen customer relationships by better serving needs and discovering a deeper understanding of their behavior.
  • Significantly reduce costs by automating tasks or workflows to increase efficiency, accuracy, and happiness.
  • Minimize risk and increase reliability by analyzing complex big data to reduce bias and discover unexplored opportunities.

Our Approach

Artificial intelligence isn't a project to be left wholesale to data scientists and IT. It's a strategic business opportunity that requires technical know-how and organizational coordination. Companies making the transition to AI must build data and analytics into their core functions, an enterprise that requires careful change management and cross-cutting transparency.

Companies exploring AI technologies often seek to use off-the-shelf libraries. While pre-baked libraries can be useful for purposes of exposition, rarely are they tailored to the specific challenges the business faces and the quality the business demands. Moreover, companies usually overlook the incredible store of untapped proprietary information they already possess, in the form of established processes---something off-the-shelf libraries necessarily cannot know. Our process blends custom AI software with domain-specific knowledge:

  • We first scope the strategic objectives a company wishes to serve with artificial intelligence.
  • Next, we identify processes that present opportunities of the greatest value.
  • After communicating the strategy, we research existing processes and provide the engineering rigor necessary augment them.

Our experienced team is prepared to support initiatives involving any number of methods, including artificial intelligence by exception, which unifies the power of AI with the expert judgement of a human who can supervise AI behavior when unusual circumstances arise. Our development team is fluent in a multitude of industrial front-end and back-end languages, making integration and continued support seamless.

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I'm thrilled to share some exciting news with you. Peachtree AI is joining forces with Search Discovery, and we have entered into an agreement to be acquired.

The Fundamental AI Value Prop

There's a moment that everyone has when they're in the middle of a technological revolution and they realize it. You can imagine the first Model T's rolling out of factories and onto streets having this kind of unique effect on onlookers as an idea took shape... Horses, once the foundation of personal transport, would never truly be needed again...

The Business Fundamentals of AI

Artificial intelligence, or AI, is a technology that radically reduces costs. It also helps us to better predict outcomes. In some cases, AI suggests a fundamental transformation of the business model.