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Learn How to Leverage Artificial Intelligence

Our learning programs help you to build a long-lasting competitive advantage by providing your data scientists with a strong foundation in artificial intelligence. Our group is supported by a skilled team with extensive academic experience, where they taught graduate and undergraduate level courses to ivy league students. Their careful attention to pedagogy and research ensures that your data scientists will gain powerful insights and achieve lasting performance.

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Selected Workshops

Introduction to Text Analytics

For: Data Scientists
Product, Marketing, Operations

Industry practictioners will walk away from this workshop with a deep understanding of text analytics, and actionable ideas for how to implement the technology to serve business objectives.

The Fundamentals of AI

For: Executives
Strategy, Product, Operations

Leave with a foundational understanding of what artificial intelligence is, what it isn't, and how it could transform your business. We give participants an analytical structure with which to conceptualize AI, and then provide the evidence necessary to champion it. Finally, we generate actionable ideas to improve profitability with AI.

Experimentation and Machine Learning

For: Data Scientists, Executives

Experimentation allows us to test the veracity of an idea before committing to it fully. Many an experiment have been ruined, however, by poor design and poor implementation. In this workshop, we introduce experimentation, review best practices for active learning, and ultimately run a set of experiments that participants will use to draw inferences.

Systematic Trading Strategies with Unstructured Data

For: Data Scientists
Finance, Product

Leverage the power of unstructured data from regulatory filings, earnings reports, corporate communications, and social media to capture alpha and blow your competitors away.

Judgement and Causal Inference with AI

For: Data Scientists, Executives
Marketing, Operations

We've all heard the aphorism that correlation doesn't mean causation. But what does this mean, and does it matter? Yes, it does---and some of the worst AI blunders of the past few years have such ignorance to blame.

Program Evaluation Strategies

For: Data Scientists, Executives
Marketing, Operations

Often we want or need to demonstrate the efficacy of a program but are unable to establish treatment and control groups. In this course, we review methods to estimate program efficacy when experimentation is impossible, including the approaches of propensity score matching and difference-in-differences.

Our Approach

Artificial intelligence is not an arcane topic to be left to a select few. It's a strategic business opportunity that requires technical know-how and organizational coordination. Executives and data scientists must understand the how the different components of artificial intelligence work together in order to become internal champions and make the transition to AI.

We believe in the power of the demonstration, replication, and then innovation. As such, our workshops are highly interactive and focus on providing immediately actionable steps to participants:

  • We first establish the objectives participants wish serve with artificial intelligence or advanced analytics.
  • Next, we provide an evidence-based, analytical framework and background for the treatment of these objectives.
  • Finally, we provide the interactivity and rigor necessary to generate actionable steps.

All workshops distribute comprehensive collateral that may be relied upon for years to come.

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