Atlanta, Georgia


Our growing technology firm seeks an incisive Analyst who is able to execute and manage project requirements effectively. The ideal candidate for this position is a professional with 2-3 years of industry experience, or a recent business school graduate with internship experience in consulting. The candidate should have a background in computer science or statistical analysis.


The Analyst assists team members as they provide advice to companies to solve problems, create value, improve growth, and maximize business efficiency with artificial intelligence.


  • Conducts research to understand how a company functions and where a company can improve
  • Analyses gathered information to form a hypothesis of company weaknesses and how to fix them
  • Interviews all necessary groups, such as employees, management, and shareholders to aid in consultancy
  • Runs workshops to train employees on updated protocols and rules
  • Prepares reports, proposals, and presentations
  • Stays current with latest trends in business and applies them to existing business models
  • Travels to different job locations as required
  • Evaluates competitors to pinpoint advantages or disadvantages in the current market
  • Attends regular meetings to reevaluate new business model and adjusts as necessary
  • Analyses financial statements including cash flow, net profit, expenditures, and revenues to find problematic areas
  • Researches any organisation dysfunction and provides solutions for improvement
  • Prepares recommendations on organisational improvement
  • Discusses long-term goals of the business as these goals pertain to a new business model
  • Works with members of own team to offer different ideas
  • Clarifies strategic and operational problems and successes with management

Skills and Qualifications

  • Bachelor’s degree in business administration, computer science or quantitative science
  • 1+ years of experience in AI, ML, or NLP
  • 2-3 years in a junior analyst role
  • Ability to collaborate effectively and work as part of a team
  • Strong attention to detail

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