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Cutting-edge technology has created immense economic value. But most companies have difficulty finding the expertise necessary to unlock it. We provide the expertise so you can rapidly tap the value.

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We serve a diverse clientele of leading mid to large size organizations. Our clients have established technology groups and require effective expertise in process automation, technology strategy, and challenging big data analyses.

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DSATL 2018

"The Fourth Industrial Revolution: Blurring the Lines Between Data Science & Industry"

October 18-19, 2018
Atlanta, Georgia

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The Fundamental AI Value Prop

There's a moment that everyone has when they're in the middle of a technological revolution and they realize it. You can imagine the first Model T's rolling out of factories and onto streets having this kind of unique effect on onlookers as an idea took shape... Horses, once the foundation of personal transport, would never truly be needed again...

The Business Fundamentals of AI

Artificial intelligence, or AI, is a technology that radically reduces costs. It also helps us to better predict outcomes. In some cases, AI suggests a fundamental transformation of the business model.

Test Driving AI in 3 Steps

One of the most general applications of artificial intelligence is the automation of routine decisions. How can I find potential applications for AI at my company?

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